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What are Updates?

Vulnerabilities are fixed by the company that made the software. They are sent as updates that you need to install to be protected. This is why it’s extremely important to keep all your software up-to-date, and remove software you don’t use.

Why should you update your software?

You will generally receive a notification from the software manufacturer in the form of an alert on your screen, that updates are available. You will normally be given the choice of whether to download and install the update immediately or later. Our recommendation is to download and install as soon as possible. 


Some software updates require you to restart your computer in order to complete the installation process. Again, you will normally be given the option of doing this immediately or later. We recommend that you do this as soon as possible. 


Downloading the latest software updates does not negate the need to be running the latest versions of antivirus, anti-spyware and firewall software.

The Risk

Not keeping your software up to date can result in serious issues, affecting both your computer and your own personal security. These include:


  • Viruses, spyware and other malware.
  • Cyber-criminal attacks.
  • Crashing, freezing and generally poor performance.


As well as resolving security issues, software updates frequently contain improvements and new features.